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Rejuv Dentist Shares a Quick Step By Step Guide on How Invisalign Works

In the real world, a good smile is everything. It gives you confidence before people and you can easily fit into any social gathering. Simply put, you don’t have to hold back from expressing yourself or cracking jokes when you have a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, not everyone can claim to have the prettiest smile around. If you are such a person and the reason behind your ordeal is misaligned or overlapping teeth, you should consider cosmetic dentistry.

Maybe you have thought of wearing braces but the idea of having shiny metals in your mouth doesn’t sit well with you. The cost involved in fitting them is also scaring you. Well, it’s time you try something affordable but also discrete. We are talking about Invisalign aligners. They are the hottest cosmetic dentistry solution right now and it’s quite understandable.

Unlike braces, you can take out aligners when eating or drinking. They also do not irritate your gums as it’s usually the case of braces. You could basically call them invisible braces. After coming across rejuvenation dentistry invisible braces, we asked Rejuv Dentist how Invisalign works. Here are the steps shared:

  1. Consultation with an Orthodontist

Every Invisalign treatment is specific for everyone. That’s why it’s important to first book a consultation session with an orthodontist. Most consultations are free and you get to talk with the orthodontist about your expectations.

At this stage, the orthodontist will also determine if you are a perfect candidate for the treatment. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to ask the expert questions. Through the explanations given, you’ll be able to learn more about the treatment.

  1. Tailored Invisalign 3D Plan

At this stage, your orthodontist takes images of your teeth and mouth in general. The images feature x-rays and oral photographs and are used as a map for designing a 3D computer model for your Invisalign program. Through the computer model, the expert is able to tell what to do to ensure that your teeth are straightened by the end of your treatment course. For most adults, the treatment program takes 9-15 months. Teenagers, however, are expected to wear aligners for at least 2 years. It’s at this stage that clear aligners are designed, tailored to your own needs.

  1. Wearing Your First Aligners

Once the first set of your tailored Invisalign aligners are designed, you’ll be advised when to come for them. You are expected to use the first set for about two weeks before you can expect the next set. You’ll need to wear the aligners almost throughout, about 20 hours a day. In this case, you can only remove them when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. In case you engage in a contact sport where you have to wear mouth guards, then you’ll need to remove your aligners.

  1. Changing Your Aligners

New aligners are usually sent to you after two weeks of wearing your first set. You can be receiving new sets each week depending on how long your treatment program will take. Roughly, you’ll receive 10-50 aligners throughout the entire treatment period. The orthodontist will also adjust a few teeth that appear to be out of line.  Each time you go for the checkup, you’ll be able to see your teeth getting straight.

  1. Follow Ups

Usually, the follow-up sessions are included in your overall treatment cost. So, you don’t have to skip the session because you are afraid of extra costs. Usually, it’s advisable to go for the follow up after every 6 weeks. This allows the orthodontist to check your progress and suggest care practices that you can do to improve your treatment.

  1. Invisalign Refinements

As you draw close to the end of your Invisalign program, your orthodontist may decide to make you special types of aligners called refinements. They are meant to give your teeth a refined look, especially in case the orthodontist notices an imperfection during the follow-up. So, the step is not mandatory for everyone.

  1. Wearing Retainers

This step comes after your Invisalign treatment program is over but you are not done wearing refinements. The retainers are made to hold your teeth as you prepare to stop wearing refinements. Just like aligners, retainers are removable.

  1. Observing Dental Hygiene

Lastly, you need to take care of your teeth once you are done wearing retainers and throughout the treatment program. This is important if you are looking to smile beautifully. It doesn’t take much to observe dental hygiene other than teeth cleaning and brushing. In the case of teeth cleaning, you need to do it periodically at a 6-months interval. As for brushing, it has to be daily.

The Wrap: Claim a Beautiful Smile

After following the above guide step by step, you can look forward to claiming a beautiful smile. Looking at how Invisalign works …

Feeling Young And Restored With Dental Implants

Sadly, there are millions of people in America who suffer from having one or even all of their teeth missing. Missing teeth can make one feel less than what they used to once feel. Tooth loss is more commonly seen in elderly adults who have suffered from aging, certain gum diseases, oral cancers and many other medical conditions. According to the ACP, reports show that more than about 40 million citizens have all their teeth completely missing from their mouths, leaving them to be toothless. Usually, this is seen in adults that fall between the ages of about 65 years old to 74 years old. In elderly adults, some of the common reasons why they lost teeth had to do with medications from health issues, prolonged tobacco use and even menopause. Missing teeth can feel more than just uncomfortable, it can make one feel as if they lost apart of themselves, making them feel like they have a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. If you feel that you may need some sort of improvement in your image to give you back your youth that was taken from your then think about getting dental implants.

According to WebMD, some of the greatest advantages to having a procedure done such as dental implants include the following: it can better your overall appearance, it can improve the way you pronounce words and avoid slurring and or mumbling, it can make your feel more comfortable, it allows you to better eat, it can improve your overall confidence, it can improve your overall oral health condition, they last many years and can even last a lifetime with proper care and they are extremely convenient compared to any other dental solution. Many people who may have experienced tooth loss have been forced to wear devices that are removable such as dentures. Though, dentures can temporarily help them find some relief in their tooth loss, it may not help them feel completely themselves. This is why you may want to better your life with getting dental implants.

Dental implants have been known to be the best in the market for replacing missing teeth. If you happen to be an elderly adult facing complete tooth loss, then this may be the one solution that can allow you to feel youthful again. Many people who have lost their teeth have also lost their self-esteem. Therefore, getting dental implants can allow you to feel as if you have all your teeth again, giving your a more youthful image and making your feel brand new. Take time to do your homework in these dental implant services downers grove il.

Dental implants could be the one thing that makes you feel like yourself again. If you have suffered with being toothless for years, then consider finally deciding to make a change in yourself. Not only will you be glad that you had it done, but you will get to live the rest of your life feeling youthful and restored for the rest of your entire life.

How Early Orthodontic Treatment Benefits Your Child

Timing is crucial in every aspect of time. It is even more important when it comes to orthodontic treatment for your child. Any dental problem that is not resolved early may end up impacting negatively on your child’s life. Early treatment, also referred to as interceptive treatment is a procedure that is carried out by a qualified dentist before your child sheds off all the baby teeth. Recommendations from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) reveal that a parent should take their children to a qualified orthodontist the first moment they recognize an orthodontic problem. However, it should not be later than seven years.

But Why Does AAO Put A Limit On The Age 7?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, a child’s dental development goes through different stages. But at the age of seven, most of the children will have developed enough permanent teeth to enable orthodontists to examine them for any mishaps. AAO approved childrens orthodontist Cincinnati oh are trained to spot even the smallest problems in young children.

What Can You Expect From The First Visit To Orthodontists?

Most of the parents go with their children to an orthodontist expecting the worst results. But this is not always the case. When visiting an orthodontist with your child for the first time, you can expect three possible outcomes. Firstly, after evaluating your child, your orthodontist may recommend no treatment. It is a common outcome, especially when there is no sign of mishaps in your child’s teeth.

Secondly, an orthodontist may spot subtle dental problems which haven’t manifested completed. In this case, the doctor may recommend treatment in the future. Therefore, the parent will need to periodically their child to the orthodontist for examination as the teeth and the jaws continue to grow.

In the third outcome, the orthodontist may spot a problem and commence treatment immediately. The treatment given to your child will depend on the nature of the identified problem. While you may have to wait for permanent teeth to come in to treat some orthodontic problems, many experts recommend early intervention to prevent the problem from becoming worse if it is left untreated.

Common Orthodontic Problems That Can Be Diagnosed Early

There are a host of orthodontic problems that a doctor can diagnose at an early age. Some of these dental problems will occur even before your child develops all the permanent teeth. They include underbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, excessively spaced teeth, extra or missing teeth, teeth that meet abnormally and thumb sucking that affects the growth of the teeth and jaw.

What Causes Common Orthodontic Problems In Children?

Children may inherit some of the orthodontic problems from their parents. However, other dental problems may result from abnormal swallowing, dental disease, and accidents. The recommended dental intervention may take many forms. In some cases, an orthodontist may prescribe a fixed or removable appliance that will help in positioning the teeth and jaw to achieve the desired changes. In other cases, removing some baby teeth may help in solving some orthodontic problems such as crowded teeth.

Why A Smile Can Be Improved

By 2024, the dentistry sector will add nearly 26,000 new dentists. There is a growing need for procedures related to cosmetic dentistry. It is projected the cosmetic dentistry sector will create revenue of over $25 billion by 2024. People are recognizing the importance of a good smile and it influential in the growth of the sector. Marketing has increased awareness of what benefits can be gained with the use of cosmetic dentistry. The benefits gained by using cosmetic procedures is more than the obvious benefit of an improved appearance. There are factors that may inhibit the growth of the cosmetic dentist industry such as many insurance companies are not willing to cover cosmetic dental procedures. The demand for the correct dentists continues to grow. There are not many people who can afford a cosmetic dentist will overlook utilizing the latest dental trends to help create healthier looking teeth.

Benefits of Improving A Smile

Any of the cosmetic dentist davidson nc can help people gain confidence in smiling again. The patient does not have to hide their teeth or be afraid to smile after a few dental procedures. People will not avoid social interaction. There are more benefits gained by visiting a dentist such as saving money in the long run, providing a younger look, and enhancing the strength of teeth.
A good dentist will be able to diagnose a minor problem with the teeth and treat or repair the problem. By having a problem diagnosed early, it can reduce the risk of the problem becoming a major issue that leads to an increased cost of dental work to fix the damage caused. A cosmetic dentist provides a dental procedure that helps reduce discoloration and erosion in teeth. Erosion and discoloration can make the teeth look older, but with the help of a dentist, a patient can have a younger-looking smile in a few dental visits. By having the dentist provide treatments for teeth, it helps the patient strengthen their teeth while they are improving their appearance. Stronger teeth will help improve how a person chews their food.

Trends Changing Smiles Throughout The World

An ongoing trend in cosmetic dentistry is people are using teeth whitening. The teeth whitening requested by most people will provide a natural-looking white appeal. In the past, people would opt for the overly white teeth whitening. The overly white looking teeth could sign the teeth have been over-processed that leads to weakening enamel. A cosmetic dentist also getting more request for a procedure called gum contouring. Gum contouring can improve the health of the gums, but its’ main objective is to make teeth seem longer. Dental Implants are no longer only requested for older people, but a younger generation is opting to utilize dental implants. Dental implants will provide a natural look and when cared for properly, the dental implants will last if natural teeth. There are more dentists who are utilizing 3-D printing. 3-D printing has allowed the dentist to create bridges and crowns instead of utilizing a laboratory to design such items. It reduces the time needed to treat patients and creates savings for both the dentist and the patient.

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

There are many great benefits to getting your teeth professionally whitened. If you have stained or discolored teeth, you cam drastically brighten up your smile with tooth whitening frankston. There are many kits that you can buy at the grocery store or at the pharmacy, but they aren’t as effective and can actually damage your teeth. There’s no substitute for e professional cleaning.

When you get your teeth professionally whitened you will achieve amazing results because you will be getting a personalized whitening treatment. When you buy a kit from the store, it’s a one-size-fits-all type of deal and may not be as strong as you need it to be to get the best results. Or it may be too strong and harm your teeth. Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and then use a special lamp to activate an cure the gel so that your teeth all whiten to the same shade and will be evenly bright.

The tooth whitening process at the dentist is more effective than what you can find at the store since the gel used by your dentist will be at a 35 percent peroxide strength rather than say the 3 percent in the pre-made box you may typically buy. Only a dentist will have access to such as high grade of peroxide, and just one treatment will whiten your teeth by up to ten shades saving you the time and hassle of multiple at-home treatments. Most at-home treatments can take weeks or even months to get your teeth whiter, and you may not even achieve the results that you were expecting. A trip to whiten your teeth at the dentist will typically only take about an hour, so it is not hard to fit it into your busy schedule.

Many over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments will cause pain and discomfort which can be the result of hydrogen ions penetrating the teeth. It extra sensitivity could also be caused by the whitening agent making contact with the gums or lips. This happens quite often since the trays and strips included with the home kits are never the right sizes.

When you go to the dentist, you’ll receive a fluoride treatment afterward to help with any tooth sensitivity. You’ll likely get a take-home maintenance kit that will include a gel that will not leak out to go with your customized trays. You can even pick out the shade that you want your teeth to be.

Sometimes, if you have discolored teeth, it could be an indication that you have tooth decay or another underlying issue. Your dentist will be able to determine whether or not this is the case and will be able to fix the problem. A professional whitening treatment will last for a long time, and you can keep your teeth looking white and bright with the maintenance kit and routine that your dentist outlines for you. It’s a safe and effective way to get the beautiful teeth you desire.

What To Know About The Dentist

We all know that a trip to the dentist means that we are taking care of our oral health. It is something that we have to do on a regular basis to keep our teeth clean and healthy. No one wants to suffer with a bad cavity or walk around with brown teeth. A dental website can provide a list of services that we can use to improve the overall health of our mouths. Most dentist offices do offer teeth whitening, invisalign for correction or implants.

Whatever the case may be with your oral health, there’s not a dentist that you can’t find that won’t be able to assist you. No matter what age, you should always take advantage of dental services. Too many people walk around with missing teeth that need to be fixed. Take advantage of the services and skills that a dentist can provide you and your family. If you are lost on how to start, then use the internet to find the nearest dentist by your home and visit that office.


No one said that getting your teeth fixed is going to be cheap. There are a lot of costs associated with oral health. Most people use some type of insurance to offset the dental costs. Prior to going to the dentist, try to figure out what service you want and what the cost will be. Most dental staff can be very helpful in telling you what each service will cost and how to apply your insurance if you have it. Once you get a good understanding what the cost will be, then you have to figure out how you’re going to pay for it.

Some people are able to pay out of pocket and use cash for their dentist services. However, you can use the internet to locate independent dental insurance that works with your wallet. Never let cost be a deterrent as it is possible to find free dental services. There are a list of programs that many people can qualify for if they are low income. You could also call your dental office and ask if they have specific programs for those who have no insurance. You can find an invisalign hamilton oh pro.


Going to the dentist does take a good bit of time out your a day. This means we can either be sitting in the lobby or in the middle of procedure that could take well over an hour. You’ll need to coordinate your time appropriately with your job and your dentist to schedule your appointment. If you’re getting a basic check up, often times this can take less than an hour. However, depending on how bad your oral health is, it could take a little longer. You must keep in mind and understand that time is going to be a factor when going to the dentist. Most of the staff can inform you how long your dental appointment will take. This gives you a great opportunity to inform your boss and be able to visit the dentist during the day.…